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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

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So you're saying that you buy that the seven ships sent to Vulcan were the only ships near Earth, and they were all sent away? (I don't recall any dialogue to that effect, and it's risible either way.)
One of the Admirals says it (was it Komack? I don't remember specifically). He says "these are the only ships close enough to investigate" or something similar.

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And that individual starship captains (even without access to their computers) know codes that can not only get you past the Solar system's defensive sensors (that much I can swallow), but also turn off all Earth's defenses, beyond the possibility of override, including even (e.g.) independently piloted small fighters of the sort that could shoot down the drilling platform? All this poses no problem for you? Really?
Personally, I'm not sure how Starfleet's defense net should work. But it's what the movie was saying. Nero's right up in Captain Pike's face with the Ceti-type creature and says "I want all the codes for the defense net" or something similar. The implication is that he got them, since he's drilling Earth shortly after.
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