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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

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For instance, if it is true that they had already sent their ships to destroy Earth's defenses, a quick 1 minute shot of those ships attacking Earth's defenses would have cleared that right up. That said, since when does a mining ship have enough fire power to take out EARTH's defense net?? One little mining ship would never have been enough for that.
Lazy writing specifically relates to things the viewers have to fill in for themselves. These points were *covered* in the film. You're using the wrong term if you just want more elaboration. The ships at Earth were sent away earlier. They were the ones destroyed right before the Enterprise jumped out of warp. The Admiral said they were the only ships at Earth and they were sending them all to investigate. Everybody else was at the Laurentian system. The Earth's defense net was compromised because Nero tortured Pike for the codes, which was *said in the film*.

It may not be the way that makes a lot of sense to some, and some may have written it differently, but it's *not* lazy writing if it's *covered in the film*.
Sounds like you're taking the whole constructive critisism personally. You're not one of the writers are you?
No, not taking the constructive criticism personally. Just taking the term *lazy writing* personally, because yes, I am a writer, but no, not of this film. I don't really care who likes or doesn't like this film; that's up to each individual. That'd be like me telling someone they should like Pepsi instead of Coke. But in context here the OP used the term in relation to "the paucity of Vulcan/Earth's defenses" as something that wasn't explained when it was. It's just the term that grates; not the content of people's comments.
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