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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

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The fact that all of future Spock's memories were still intact says that the original timeline did happen. If those events didn't happen, the older Spock may not have existed, or may not have had any recollection of the timeline we all know happened...

It's confusing, but interesting nonetheless.
Time Travel gives me a headache The way I see it everything pre this film happened, its just the effect of Nero coming back in time to the point where Kirk was born changed everything after that. Future Spock wasn't affected because he was caught in the phenomenan that sent him back in time, so was outside time when the obvious changes that happened to his past happened, so he remains unaffected with memory of the original timeline that happened without Nero interfering and destroying Vulcan.

Okay anyone got an asprin
You've pretty much clocked it exactly (seewhutididthr?). The timeline changed at the moment of Nero's appearance in the 23rd Century. Spock Prime survived because of the magical TrekScience that means the people time travelling are unaffected by changing events (see: First Contact). Prior to that moment, the timeline preceded as seen in Enterprise. After it, it went entirely new direction.
To be honest, I can't see how some people aren't grasping this - I don't think the conversation on the bridge could have driven it home any harder if Spock had pulled down a projector screen and mapped it out.
yep, now maths for me is hard..time travel easy peesy. Its plain and simple all they had to do was connect the dots on the projector screen lol. The way I see it with Trek, its pretty much like alternate universe like the mirror universe, Spock Prime was born, served with Captain Pike and the Captain Kirk, he eventually became an ambassador and after Nemesis got involved with Nero and the events he tells the alternate Kirk unfold. So out there is the original universe which had TNG, DS9 and Voyager, but it now believed that Spock Prime is dead, but in fact he's in a parallel timeline
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