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Re: Smallville#8-21 "Injustice" -Discuss/Grade <Spoilers>

Revised continuity.

The current writer is recommitting to preCrisis continuity.

Geoff Johns.

They beat up Brianiac for the first time EVER, it had only been avatars and doppelgängers before, and in his ship, after they kicked his ass, they found hundreds of worlds, one of which was the city of kandor and it was enlarged quicksmart only to be placed nextdoor to the fortress of solitude and Santa's workshop for a time. Then after what was clearly not a misunderstanding followed by escalation and pomp, the super heroes turned up to bring war on these aliens. Captain Marvel, Alan Scott and half a dozen more Green Lanterns, and several Flashes may seem enough to conquer any usual planet son, god forbid some dinky town the size of a large university, but lets just say this again: 90,000 Kryptonians who do not take man kind seriously or the letter of their law without a smirk.

The unbottled city of Kandor is much like the the city from Stargate Atlantis, in-so that it has a stardrive and it can piss off if it doesn't like the locals. Though they only bogged off a few million kilometres. Not sure if they're on the moon, near orbit of earth or they have their own orbit around the sun, since I haven't read any new Superman comic in a couple months and all this information gets jumbled as I have to compress everything with more zeal to fit the next months comics in my head.

Everything could now be in the shit or completely resolved.

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