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Re: OMFG MASSIVE SPOLIERS: NeoTrek Engine Musings

First of all, I have to say I *did* like the movie. I liked it a lot. I love that the franchise is being rebooted, because I feel like it desperately needed it. I am, however, bothered that they're not paying as much attention to the tech credibility, consistency and canon as TNG/VOY/DS9/ENT did. Some of the stuff is, yes, dumb. The new engine room is the perfect example.

The way I see it, though, is that we're stuck with this movie. As inexplicable as some of the tech might be, it's now part of Trek canon. We have to find a way to integrate it. Luckily, I don't think it was so far out of whack that it can't be explained in somehow.

I only hope the next movie won't introduce more tech inconsistencies.
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