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Re: OMFG MASSIVE SPOLIERS: NeoTrek Engine Musings

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its stupid!

An accurate description, and NOT for the sake of merely hating the way it looked.

It's stupid because there is NO WAY such a massive space could be placed into the ship, in a way that would fit into the "filming miniature", for lack of a better term. This thing would take up the ENTIRE secondary hull, it looked so damn massive.

Not only that, it totally broke from the rest of the ship's look, of spit-and-polish clean and shiny... every time we went from the bridge to the engine room, I was totally pulled out of the illusion of being on the Enterprise... it ruined the illusion, it ruined the continuity of the ship, and it just looked incredibly dumb.

Now, i'm not saying that the engine room cannot be a bit gritty or grimy... not at all... but there is NO reason, to go from what looks like the Apple Store iBridge, to basically the Mobil refinery, within a single ship... that is just too stark a contrast. They could and should have done so much better.

The multiple cores thing was also absolutely stupid and retarded... the warp core IS what makes a Star Trek engine room... it is fucking iconic. I chock it up to the production team not knowing their heads from their asses, but it was a dumb move... the warp core, and the dilithium crystal chamber ARE what the Enterprise's engineering section is all about... for FORTY fucking years, the warp core has been the focal point, and centerpiece of any Trek engine room.
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