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Re: A Singular Destiny review thread (possible spoilers)

I read ASD while on a six-hour train journey last Friday (*sigh*) and loved every word of it. It provided a suitably succinct, but not superficial, overview of the post-Destiny AQ. Sonek Pran was an interesting character; his style of speech is "classic KRAD" but his introduction and his background during the Dominion War led me to expect early on that something bad would happen to him or someone close to him during the story (though I expected it to happen to his son rather than his wife).

The humour of the novel made me snigger (in a repressed-Englishman-on-a-train kind of way) but I burst out laughing at the "hip deep in Borg" line. Well if Dan and Jeremy can show up in AOTF, why can't someone channel Dana in ASD?
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