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Re: Vertical Intermix Chamber and TMP Enterprise

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The main issue, there, is that I don't think that there's actually room in the neck for both rooms as built. But if you can "adjust the room" a little bit... make it, say, 30% narrower... then it works fairly well.

As for ergonomics... the main lift has to be at the front of the dorsal, forward of the reactor core (though not nearly far enough forward as far as I'm concerned!) and between the two launch tubes (and loading bays). That's not really a problem... if you can make it all fit in, that is.
Oh, I can make it fit, it is just a tight fit. Just the idea of the Torpedo Room Crews having to access their duty stations by passing though the room housing the VIC or the Jeffries Tube (in fact, the only way I can make this work is they actually pass through both) from a Turbolift stop that (while in use) blocks all traffic up/down the neck. Such single points of failure and bottlenecks are a poor design choice (speaking as an Engineer).
I'm not sure I'm following you re: having to go through the intermix chamber and jefferies tube. First off... I am not aware of any Jefferies tube in the TMP Enterprise at all, much less a specific one in a specific location in the dorsal. In my case, I tend to assume that there is some form of piping/wiring trunk running up the trailing edge of the dorsal, probably very much like a TOS Jefferies tube, but there's nothing on-screen to indicate as much, is there? So, what tube are you referring to?

Second... if you assume that every deck along the vertical shaft has the little "glass balcony" around it... but that in some cases (like the torpedo room) there's nothing there BUT the glass balcony... it's not really all that large, is it? As far as I'm concerned, I'd say that there is nothing but an octagonal roomlet in that location on the "torpedo deck."

So, for me... if I were doing this... I'd put the lift at the very leading edge of that deck, facing directly aft. I'd put a short lateral "lobby corridor" immediately aft of that, going port to starboard, but almost a square.. with a door to aft, opening onto the "glass balcony," another to the port torpedo room, and another to the starboard torpedo room, plus the door to the car itself. I would NOT have a "docking station" separate from the tube proper there, because... well... there's no room, that's very true.

Additionally, there would be the "one man lift car" from engineering which will go to the "glass balcony" on every deck, including this one... and probably several ladderways. I'd put ladders port and starboard at the front of this area (one per laucher bay, in other words) leading down, and probably one (just aft of the "glass balcony" room) leading upwards (to the "torpedo magazine room" on the deck above).

That's how I'd do it. Your mileage may vary.
That is, essentially, how I am doing it. I'm basing my model off of the Strategic Designs deckplans, but making some of my own edits to make it work, and actually fit together. As always, what was seen on screen takes precedent over any other feature. WRT the neck, I have a ladder (seen in TWOK with Spock and then later Kirk climbing down and opening a hatch to continue farther down) running between the "Glass Balcony" and the main torpedo bays (it is a vertical shaft originating in the saucer in the Impulse Engineering spaces). One could call this a "Jeffries Tube" though on-screen there was no equipment or connections in there (and in my previous post, I was referring to this as a Jeffries Tube). There could easily be a Jeffries Tube running along the aft edge of the neck (in fact, the plans I am using call for one). There is not room for the Turbolift to actually move out of the shaft without running into the "Glass Balcony" and still have space to access it (i.e. not have the doors basically open into the void).

The location of the "one man lift car" seen in Main Engineering would place it outside the hull above the Torpedo Decks, and in the Starboard Tube on the Main Torpedo Deck (There are plural, as we see the torp's lowered from the deck above the main deck). This evening, I will post my WIP and notes in the Art forum for a more detailed description and analysis (I'm starting with U-deck and have gotten to T-deck in my modeling, but I have all the decks in 2D Cad already).
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