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Re: So, just what IS canon?

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While it is a fun question, it is not in any way an important one.

The answer is canon is whatever works for you.

For instance...

canon is TOS, TNG S1-6, DS9, Star Trek movies 1-4, 6, FC, and then this Abrams Trek.

WOw, amazing! Star Trek canon is more or less batting 100% in terms of being at least "good and entertaining"
LOL, I notice glaring absences: TNG S-7, ENT, ST:V, and so many TNG films.

Better question, now: if you understand that, say First Contact operates within the universe created by Generations, and you accept the universe of First Contact as canon, does that not make you implicitly accept Generations as canon also? I mean, there's a *cough* reason why the Enterprise-E exists, isn't there?
*shrugs* Enterprise D was old and probably decommissioned at some point between the end of TNG Season 6 and First Contact.
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