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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

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Im gonna have to agree strongly with the story line holes in this one. I loved the action, the space scenes, no reset button, etc. but the writers obviously didnt do their homework. If there is one thing that anyone knows about Trek lovers is that we like to research the details of the Trek universe to see if it's "possible".
I agree that you need to excite new, younger viewers into the Trek franchise, but common! What about the loyal old-timers? We made the franchise and this was supposed to be a movie to clear up a lot of our curiosities about the back-story. Instead, we got a completely new story with more holes in it than swiss cheese. I didnt start off wanting to complain about this movie but as I started writing and thinking of the things that I liked and disliked I began to see that there WERE a lot of basic truths from TOS that were simply thrown out in order to make THIS film work to their needs.
It was obvious that Kirk was going to end up the captain, but you DONT make it to captain from cadet. We knew that the crew had to try to save the Earth, but it was no majestic task to shoot down the drill, something that a simple missle couldve done from earth. Finally, does the fact that old Spock come back in time not give Starfleet access to a virtual encyclopedia of knowledge that they have not discovered yet? Hell, he even knows how to go back in time if he wanted to like he did THE VOYAGE HOME. So even if they didnt use the reset button, they definitely left it open to possibility.
Kirk was NOT a cadet through most of the film.
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