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So, just what IS canon?

I think this an important and fun question. Is Star Trek by Abrams canon? Was TAS canon? How do we define canon, anyway? What's the point of worrying about it at all?

There are certain unanswerable questions, I think. But I understand that some people - who've been dedicated to say, Shatner as Kirk since day one - might be upset to see such changes going on. But it's not serious (the world won't end if, say, there're serious and strange things that occur in the ST universe now that Abrams and co. are at the helm) and no one is asking you to reject Shatner or Nimoy or the work they did. I'd prefer to be inclusive with my canon, accept anything that makes my experience of Trek larger and open to more people and ideas and styles (which is why I accept all of the classical visual stuff: TOS, TNG, DS9, VGR, TAS, ENT, the films, and the new film).

Realize, to begin, that this is an aesthetic question. It's emphatically not something we should, say, have a Reformation or religious wars over (incidentally, this is what the Protestants and Catholics did when Martin Luther decided some of what the Catholics had held to be "canonical Scripture" was bullcrap). Not to say I wouldn't treat Trek as a needed modern-myth and Pine as an avatar of Kirk much as a Hindu would treat Krishna as an avatar of Vishnu...but that's just me, wanting Trek to live on now that we've got a robust writing team, group of actors, and action movie to pull new people in (which it is doing, incidentally:

But seriously, haven't fans of Trek had to revise "canon" through the years? Didn't people around 1987 have to accept Picard as the new Enterprise captain and Archer as the Enterprise NX-01 captain-before-Kirk?

Does a fan have the right to accept what Trek will be for him or her, or do they have to accept the crap Berman (or Abrams...let's say there's someone who doesn't think Kurtzman/Orci/Abrams didn't do a perfect job, as I think they did, for the purpose of bringing Trek back to life) throw at them? I know people who still reject the whole Enterprise timeline as a fluke caused by the Temporal Cold War...

Another, larger question might be: what's the purpose of "canon"? Is it merely to make some people feel better than others, because "they" have the "right" or "intended" Trek and reject all things that merely "pretend" to be Trek?

Answers? Opinions?
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