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Re: Vertical Intermix Chamber and TMP Enterprise

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The main issue, there, is that I don't think that there's actually room in the neck for both rooms as built. But if you can "adjust the room" a little bit... make it, say, 30% narrower... then it works fairly well.

As for ergonomics... the main lift has to be at the front of the dorsal, forward of the reactor core (though not nearly far enough forward as far as I'm concerned!) and between the two launch tubes (and loading bays). That's not really a problem... if you can make it all fit in, that is.
Oh, I can make it fit, it is just a tight fit. Just the idea of the Torpedo Room Crews having to access their duty stations by passing though the room housing the VIC or the Jeffries Tube (in fact, the only way I can make this work is they actually pass through both) from a Turbolift stop that (while in use) blocks all traffic up/down the neck. Such single points of failure and bottlenecks are a poor design choice (speaking as an Engineer).

The REAL problem is that "Main engineering" ought to have a lift tube at the front entrance, not a corridor. I suppose that the tube might separate into two, on the deck immediately over main engineering, and so there are two "stations" on either side of the entrance? Even so... the corridor we see out that door can't be more than 10-15 feet long, and it's supposed to look like something more like 40 feet, I think (though with some forced-perspective if memory serves).
I had actually forgotten about that corridor. I'll have to take a close look, but I don't see a way to route the turbolifts around such a corridor without protruding from the hull.

How many "docking ports" and other non-transporter access paths does the TMP Enteprise have?
  1. The main landing bay (just listing it for completeness, not "really" a docking port.
  2. The two primary-hull-underside things... which seem perfectly nonsensical, really (an INCREDIBLE amount of wasted space there!)
  3. The main saucer "gangway hatch" on the port side (which DOES make great sense, actually, but was never used again after the TMP SFX sequences were shot, but SHOULD have been used in the "spacedock" sequences in ST-III and ST-VI, as far as I'm concerned.)
  4. The various "maintenance access hatches" on the top of the primary hull (waaay too many of those, but it did give them a cool sfx bit with Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and Ilia walking around on top of the hull, so....)
  5. The "standard docking port" on the back of the bridge module... which is utter nonsense to have there unless the bridge module could potentially be ejected and require docking for crew recovery later... but made sense from a "series shooting" standpoint, I suppose, since it meant that you could have more stuff set on the Bridge set without having to have the crew go off to some other set. Production practicality trumping design logic, in other words...
  6. The ports on the neck, which seem to be there for torpedo reloading, and COULD be there for "refueling" purposes (matter and antimatter) as well?
  7. The ports on the side of the secondary hull, which seem to be there for cargo transfer.
  8. The various underside-primary-hull hatches which seem to be there for loading of "consumables" items (I assume unprocessed food, water, atmosphere, replaceable filtering, whatever).
When docked... the most practical means of moving crew in and out really is the "main gangway hatch." The other hatches really are intended for specific purposes other than "crew transfer."
That's a good iteration through the ports, and some very good points that I had not yet realized.

If you're interested in how I, personally, do a starship design, well... I've done several, but at the moment I'm engaged in fleshing out the guts of the TOS Enterprise. You might find it interesting, since I'm addressing the very questions you're discussing, albeit for the earlier incarnation of the ship.
Oh I have been following that thread with interest since before I joined the forums. I have taken a great deal of insight from your production and that discussion (and a few others on this site) and applying them to my own project. I'll probably be posting my WIP on the internals for the TMP Enterprise later this week (I finally have some renderable parts done). I am taking a different approach however, from the inside out. I am starting with the decks and equipment that are required, and building them first (from the bottom up), but I will go into the details of my thought processes and design decisions when I start that thread over in the Art Forum.
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