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Re: Self-Portrait as a Cardassian

Nerys Ghemor wrote: View Post
Sounds noble, and I can see where you're trying to make the character more glorious by human standards...but to a Cardassian view (and my own), what she really does is noble in its own right.

Children are Cardassia's future, after all--and those who teach them are entrusted with a HUGE responsibility, and are honored for it.
That's what I love about the Cardassians, public service is seen as a great good and is honored as such. In the West if it isn't turning a profit then it isn't worthwhile. (this Point of View is probably less in favour now).

Indeed, I think that the whole nature of the State is treated a lot more positively by Cardassians of all strips even the dissident movement. The Cardassian people will willingly serve the state if the state serves them, I envision it as more of a symbiotic relationship.
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