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Re: Titan reveals Star Trek Comic!

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So, today's Sunday Mirror (a newspaper I would ordinarily go nowhere near) had a free special edition of Star Trek Magazine from Titan Magazines. A 16-page "taster" issue, including what I imagine are interviews from the real issue 145, the Movie Souvenir Special.

No, they're revised versions of some of the interviews I did with the cast during the period during and immediately after the filming of the movie, with all new illustrations from both the original series and the new film.

Star Trek Comic...
The bumper first issue is apparently out now (although I didn't spot it anywhere after looking around for Trek merchandise on Friday afternoon after the film), and is 68 pages (I presume future issues will be 32 pages or similar). The issue features the first two issues of the film prequel Countdown, as well as various other features, and film stickers. Obviously, it is intended for a younger audience, but I shall be picking it up as soon as I locate it!

I think this is a UK-only release, as there's nothing on Titan's US website about it.

More information can be found at Titan's official website here.
Yes, it is UK only, and I spotted it in numerous places on Saturday. Like the movie souvenir issue, we couldn't release this until official movie opening date (Friday) so some places had it immediately, others got it Saturday.
Subscribers worldwide should have their copies of the Movie Souvenir issue today.

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