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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

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This movie was supposed to be the story of the original Enterprise crew coming together. But since it's an alternate reality, at an emotional level the connection with "my" Star Trek was tenuous at best. This was no longer a history I cared about.
I agree. This is admittedly and unavoidably a subjective matter, but the fact that it's an alternate reality—which many defenders seem to be invoking as a reason to like it more—just makes it harder for me to feel any connection to it.

I can enjoy such a thing for the space of a single story—"Mirror Mirror," "Yesterday's Enterprise"—but to say that this variant version is what Trek will be from here on out is another matter.

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Does the novel contain more information on why certain aspects of the time line changed? For example, Enterprise not launching until 2258 instead of 2245. Chekov's birth is 4 yrs earlier.
I think any continuity issues should be chalked up to changes the writers wanted. I wouldn't overthink it.
Yeah, that's good advice for pretty much the entire movie.

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For me, Star Trek has always been about ideas, character, conflict, and what it means to be human. It was never about war, for me (again for me) Star Trek was a show about peace, and intellectual curiosity.

For me, this movie was about gunfights, and blowing up planets, and anger. Even Spock seemed angry, and bitter, and even kind of mean.

...I didn't see that in this movie. I'm glad people enjoyed it, but I did not. I just didn't. I'm sorry, but it is how I feel.
Hey, you're not alone. (In a minority, yeah, but not alone.)

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I can easily enjoy a rip-roaring action adventure film replete with all variety of explosions and battles. However, I prefer the plot to hold together. ... Having the plot make sense or providing the villian with plausible understandable motivations isn't being nitpicky.

...It's entertaining on a superficial level but it has its issues.

I think once all this initial excitement dies down I think you'll start hearing fans altering their tune with regards to the praise that they are currently heaping on it because it is far from perfect and from "excellent".
Absolutely. Even I would agree that it's "entertaining on a superficial level." That's just so much less than I was hoping for.

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The Kelvin incident would've changed everything that Starfleet did. They thoroughly got their asses kicked and would need to be better prepared for the dangers of space than they thought they were...
You're making an awful lot of excuses for lazy writing here. You and I both know that the writers' attitude was "after the opening scene, we can make anything we want different without having to explain it." And honestly, this was hardly the first or last time Starfleet lost a ship under mysterious circumstances... so effects that radical seem way out of proportion.

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You know lawman, as time passes more and more people seem to be having problems with these glaring errors and I predict as time goes on the gushers will reduce and the criticism will grow until this movie takes its place in Trek history as a pretty average flick with fancy special affects....but a bloody awful script.
I entirely agree. In fact, as a number of posts in this thread indicate (some quoted above), it's already happening for some people.

It's different from what B&B were giving us, and I can understand why people like the novelty of that. It's not bad in the same way that stuff was. It's bad in a whole different way.
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