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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

Thanks Mutenroshi

Apologies for that whining post, it was mainly based on an argument I had with a few mates on facebook, and then then exact same argument with MY MOTHER via sms. I guess she's kicking me out of the basement...

Anyway, I forgot to mention that this film had me choked up, seriously almost shedding tears, during George Kirk's death not ten minutes in. That moment where he hears his newborn son letting out a first cry over the communicator, a father making the absolute most the only contact he'll ever have with his child. The inevitability of it, the sense that George was trying to express a lifetime of love into those short few minutes.

My god JJ & Co, you got me. You really got me. I don't know if that was the mooshy parent in me or if a crying baby is just a cheap tear-inducing device (). Nah, it was quite a well played moment. Credit where it's due, etc.

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