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Re: Lexington1709's take on Star Trek XI

Lexington1709 wrote:
My second biggest point of contention is the ending. Kirk was a CADET throughout the film and now he gets the Enterprise? Does this mean that if I go through the Academy in three years, I can get command of the Lexington when I graduate? What crew are you going to ‘assign’ to serve on a ship with an inexperienced, devil-may-care commander? I was about beside myself when I saw them hand over a brand new ship to a wet-behind-the-ears, cocky-as-hell kid like Kirk. God help Starfleet.
Yeah, I don't see how any serious fan can watch the movie and not have a problem with this. I spent the whole of the movie thinking "fuck you JJ, there's no way this is credible".

Too many plot elements from Star Trek II appear in this film. Khan was brilliant but you can only reuse it so much before you cheapen the original. Okay, you want to give the bad guy some motivation but how many times can you use the old “you killed so-and-so, so now I’m going to get my revenge on you” bit? And what was with that parasite thing? Come up with something a bit better, will you and let Khan remain the masterpiece it is?
The problem is that Trek movies have now fallen victim to formula. No matter how many critics gush over this film you cannot get away from the fact that at the end of the day it's the same "nasty bad guy is a threat to the Enterprise crew and/or earth" that we've seen in most of the movies.

I cannot stand the engineering sections. Did JJ or any of his team actually visit a Navy ship? Apparently not; like Russ, they seem to be more from a factory than a starship’s engine room. And what was with those flight decks? Those two areas should look like the rest of the ship’s interiors.
This seems to be one of the most disliked elemnts of the new set designs and the movie in general. I personally despised it. I hope JJ listens and makes the required changes for the sequel.

The bridge and other interiors will take some time to get used to and to be honest, I’m not wild about them. Again, JJ and his team actually should have gone to see a US Navy and a Royal Navy ship to get an idea of how things work on combatant ships. To me, it seems like Apple’s iPod team designed these interiors; was Steve Jobs the prime contractor?
If so I think Bill Gates will be the villan in the sequel.

I am not a fan of the mini-skirts as uniforms. Back in the 1960’s, it was acceptable. Today, I don’t think it’s even appropriate. If you’re going to re-imagine the franchise, I think this was the one thing we could have done without. Get rid of them. Women don’t need to show their legs to get ahead. But at least you did away with the tight catsuits.
This didn't bother me at all. I never understood the PC theory that women aren't allowed to look sexy when they are at work. For all we know they have an alternative trouser uniform in any event. If I had any gripe at all it was fact that the male uniforms so closely resembled their TOS counterpart, but the ladies version wasn't - particularly with respect to the missing sleeves and missing rank (which is damned stupid if you ask me).

When the Kelvin rammed Narada, why didn’t the explosion finish Nero off right then? Yes, I know it would have made for a very short film and yes, I know the warp drive was off-line but reality can be suspended only so much. The antimatter fuel is still there and at no time was there any mention of ejecting the bottles. There also would have been enough residue in the engines to make a thermonuclear explosion a certainty. Also, why not arm the self-destruct package to make sure you take him with you? My belief has been if you’re going to go down fighting, make sure to take the b****** with you.
Well, according to the Countdown comic, the Narada is not only a future Romulan vessel, but has been outfitted with Borg technology. We've seen before that if a ship rams into a borg cube the cube just gets on with it. So, I guess the Narada is just too powerful to let a nuclear explosion drag it down.

When Uhura was ordering some drinks at the bar, she mentions a Cardassian drink. This struck me as being out of place and odd. They’re a post-TMP / TNG race. Do they even fit in this series? If so, why not bring in some Ferengi or Bolians?
Well, I think that in order for a species to be space faring they would have been around longer than the 70 years between TOS and TNG so why would they not be known to the Federation in the new universe?

Spock from TNG is now stranded in this alternate universe? He’s from the future so why not use the Guardian of Forever to return to his proper time and universe?
Well, in order to do that he has to go back and stop Nero in the TNG era and restore the original timeline. That means no more sequels for JJ.

One time, it was stated the Fleet was engaged in so-and-so sector. Is the Federation at war? Where does it fit (aside from being a plot device for Enterprise’s commissioning) in the grand scheme of things?
It's a long established Trek plot hole that when the shit hits the fan the Enterprise is the only ship in the quadrant!!!

Will Admiral Pike remain in the wheelchair? My hope is not; the character deserves something better.
How about a desk job?

Will TNG Spock be able to get home? I don’t like the idea of leaving him stranded in this universe, especially after all the man’s gone through.
I don't think there is anything for him to go back to. If Nero changed history then he changed history. I don't buy all this guff from Bob Orci that the prime timeline still exists alongside the new one. If that were the case then in the City on the Edge of Forever Kirk and Spock need not have gone back after McCoy since there universe was still out there somewhere.

At the very end, we see Pike in a very TMP-looking uniform. Does this mean we’ll see the monster maroons or some variation? Will we go to those awful-looking TMP uniforms or will we see the TOS uniforms remaining for some time?
No way to tell.

At no time was there a mention of to what class the Enterprise belonged. Are we sticking to the Constitution-class nomenclature or is it the often-debated Enterprise-class? Just bugs me not to know for sure what class this is.
I think its safe to say that the new production team don't give a crap about that sort of detail.
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