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Re: Lexington1709's take on Star Trek XI

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  • Shields seemed to be sub-par. In TOS, they were tough SOBís that were hard to knock out. Here, seems like even a screw or nut could take them down easily.
To be fair, they are fighting a ship from 150 years in the future. I'd like to see a ship from 1858 take on a fully equipped, modern-day aircraft carrier. And not get its every defensive measure blown through like a lightsaber through butter. In the Kelvin scenes, the crewmembers are freaked out and comment that it's as if their shields aren't even there.
Granted, they were fighting someone from the future but those shields still should have taken more than one shot. Take TMP. V'Ger has a 12 power energy field behind its weapons but the Enterprise shields held against two full salvos.
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