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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

I'm quite miffed that every time I express my opinion of this film (when asked) people seem to completely ignore what I've said and go on a whinge about how I'm seeing the old series through "rose tinted glasses" and how I can't expect the new film to be Wrath of Khan.

I'm talking IRL here.

I'm thinking, I've just said I admired their balls in effectively scrapping the canon. I think it's a good move. No, I neither know nor care whether or not the stardates match up. I'm judging the film on its own merits, not based on how it fits with a dead 20th century science fiction franchise that a good chunk of the new film's audience are barely old enough to remember.

Argh. And I see some of the same attitudes displayed in here. I know there are people blind bashing it - forget them. Some of us though just didn't like the film as much as others and we all have our reasons. Is that so hard to accept?


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(Seriously, I found a lot to like about the film, but as a whole it just didn't mesh for me, and there were some glaring utter stupidites. Nero was the shittest Trek villain since the last baldy Romulan cocksucker.)
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