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Re: OMFG MASSIVE SPOLIERS: NeoTrek Engine Musings

Closet Trekkie wrote: View Post
Well, engineering certainly did look different. I didn't see anything that looked remotely like a warp core, did any of you?
In one of the scenes (I think it's when they're in the clutches of the black hole), a bunch of glowy cylinders can be seen in the background.

Closet Trekkie wrote: View Post
Those canisters they ejected to escape the black hole... did Scotty say he was going to eject the "cores" (plural)? They looked like matter and antimatter containers to me.
He said he was ejecting the warp "core", singular ().
I'm used to warp cores being glowy and containers not being glowy, so I didn't get the same impression from it as you did.

With regards to the neck situation- looked like the ejection ports were at the very base of the neck - where it blends with the engine hull. The cores are probably housed down in the engine hull.
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