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Re: Enterprise-D 1:1 Scale model, with decks, in Sketchup

The access down to the lounge is a ramp. The lounge sits a half-deck below the bridge. There are a lot of "half-height" levels for no particular reasons on the first and second deck. Deck 2, for example, is split into an upper and lower deck because of the "modular" bridge above and the hangar bay roof below. I'm going to run into another slew a "half decks" when I get to the separation line. You can tell that the ship insides and external skin were never really designed to be cohesive. It was just designed to look cool.

And like I said, the published "official" dimensions don't work when you apply reality. (But then again, it's an imaginary ship and reality tends to get in the way anyway)

I was thinking of releasing this model when I'm done so others could create something from it. The turbolift network is there, and the turboshafts are all hollow. There are no doors or turbolift cars, but I'm sure some enterprising level guy could install them. You can walk around on the ship now. The polys are all double-sided. The rooms have transparent ceilings on the outside (so you can see in), but you can't see through the ceiling when inside. Also, as this is the Whitefire plans, there is no stellar cartography, whale ops, or anything like that. Has a whole multi-level forest deck though, which is cool!
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