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Re: Enterprise-D 1:1 Scale model, with decks, in Sketchup

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Sweet. Please show us the inside of deck 1!
Here are some older WIPs

I'm using the Whitefire plans because 1) They are the original and 2) Okuda's are unnecessarily complex. I'm most likely not going to be calling it the "Enterprise" either. I may make it the U.S.S. Galaxy (NCC-1700) in tradition that it's the original, or my own number (NCC-1683) and probably call it the "Whitefire"
Some things that are interesting:
Sketchup is an architectural program that uses real world units of measurement. I found that when I scaled the pans to real-world sizes, everything was too small. People would be bumping their heads on the door frames and such. Also shuttles would not fit properly in the shuttlebay. The insides, for the most part, are quite consistent in scale so all I had to do was make the ship bigger to compensate. I'm also nudging around the skin of the ship and the placement of windows to better reflect what's inside. Also, because the skin is angular, there are a few more vaulted overheads (ceilings) that I took for granted.
By the way, here's the actual size of the ship

Published dimensions:
length: 842.5 meters
beam : 487 meters
depth : 137 meters

Real world dimensions
length : 1048.41 meters (a kilometer!)
beam : 738 meters(the saucer is much wider!)
Depth : 238 meters

Each deck is 4 meters high with an interndeck space of 70 Centimeters (That is the space between decks)

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