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Re: Self-Portrait as a Cardassian

Interesting. I'd love to see Setal as a First Officer in the TNG Relaunch era.

She looks like the kind of commander that would work well in an idealistic Kathrine Janeway-meets-Emelia Earhart type fashion. Assigned to a Federation ship, opposite a Starfleet Officer of your choice.

Trying to protect Cardassia from the bluegill parasites from TNG's "Conspiracy" that have decided to try to resurrect their plans against The U.F.P. by stoking bubbling hot-zones of old TMP/Lost Years-era animosities.

They're trying to quietly set-off multiple smaller emotional / psychological / financial strikes from Bajor to the Klingon Empire to the Cardassian Union to the Tholian Assembly and even by manipulating Ferenginar's adjustment period toward gender equality.

The purpose: to keep everyone running / guessing where the next riot or blood oath will decide a sector or planet's fate, until its too little too late to do anything about the bluegill parasites' officially intended death-strike.
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