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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

First off, I like it, it is great.

I did not like engineering. The movie made it clear that the timeline does not diverge until the Kevin, so why does the new engineering look like a waste facility? Trip's Eng looks so advanced compared to the new ENT. The bridge looks like the Apple store and Eng looks like a PC. I just did not get it. Can warp plasma really travel through basic sewage pipe? It also seemed weird that the view screen that Archer had was easier to see things on and much clearer picture. Maybe they lost HD technology before they built the Kelvin. It looks kind of ridiculous. I also still do not like the look of the outside of the new Enterprise. It lack any of the fluidity and beautiful lines of the original and the refit. I also did not like the uniforms on the Kelvin. They should have been a cross between ENT and TOS, but they looked like more of a TNG alternate universe uniform.

I did like all the actors, great cast. Just wish that some of the design had been better; because some of it was bang on.
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