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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

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It's too bad that they can't enjoy this movie for what it is, a major ass kicking, blow you out of your mind experience.
Like I've said my issues have nothing to do with the writers supposedly raping one's childhood by altering the timeline or with the lack of social commentary.

I can easily enjoy a rip-roaring action adventure film replete with all variety of explosions and battles. However, I prefer the plot to hold together. When I first watched the film so much is going on that while I saw some problems I really didn't see the deficiencies in the film to the degree I did later because everything is moving so fast, maybe too fast. But once you see the film again or you sit back and try to make sense of all the stuff in the film and actually analyze the story the film really starts to have problems. Maybe the writers thought that with the whirlwind of events that occur in the film that you wouldn't catch on but I like to examine the story especially when it comes to these films or tv series that go out of their way to cover a lot of ground as it tends to be the preferred style these days. Having the plot make sense or providing the villian with plausible understandable motivations isn't being nitpicky.

I personally think Trek works better as a tv series. Most of the time after seeing a Trek film I leave not completely satisfied. The last one that really worked was Star Trek 6. This film is okay. It's not the best Trek film ever. It has issues that prevented me from being completely engrossed in the film as it unfolded. It's entertaining on a superficial level but it has its issues.

I think once all this initial excitement dies down I think you'll start hearing fans altering their tune with regards to the praise that they are currently heaping on it because it is far from perfect and from "excellent".
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