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X.S. Tech

X.S. Tech

Disclaimer: I don’t own Voyager, Back to Future, or Disney’s ExtraTerrorestrial Alien Encounter which the world of X.S. Tech is based on. The character of Bishop was inspired by the movie Aliens.


“Where are we?” Tom asked Doc over the comm system of the Flyer as they began a hover.

“This is a reality where Earth has contact with a distant world called Planet X.” Doc explained as he brought the DeLorean down onto the landing pad, “Planet X has a corporation called X.S. Tech which is willing to sell technology, very advanced technology, to humanity. It’s level of technology appears to be roughly similar to what I’ve seen of your world so far.”

“Let’s hope they can help Tal.” Telfer remarked as he sat at his station. He glanced over towards Henry Kano. The Australian had barely said two words since they’d gotten Celes into the biobed and stabilized. Now he had a piece of metal and a laser torch in his hands.

“Are you alright?” Telfer asked.

“I’m fine.” Henry replied.

Telfer could see that the laser torch was making an edge on the piece of metal. The point at the end of the eight inch long blade was jagged and wicked looking, “That’s an interesting knife you’re making.” Telfer remarked.

Henry regarded him for a moment and said, “Yes, it is.”

The glowering look on Henry’s face was enough for Telfer to turn around and look back at his instruments.

Presently the Delta Flyer touched down and the hatch opened. Two men with a stretcher ran inside and placed Celes onto it before carrying her towards the large building near the landing pad.

“I’m going with them. I’ll meet you in a moment.” Henry said to Tom.

Two more men were carrying Marty in a stretcher and Clara went to accompany them while Emmett and Tom were negotiating with some of the X.S. Tech folks.

Kano walked alongside their group and Clara caught up with them. Her eyes were tearful as she said, “I’m so sorry, about Tal...i-if I hadn’t run he...”

“No need to apologize.” Henry replied, “You didn’t shoot her. 3-D did. And he’s going to have hell to pay should our paths ever cross.”

Clara gulped as she saw the wicked looking knife Kano was putting the finishing touches on, “And you’re gonna use that?”

“Yes.” Henry replied, squinting in the harsh sunlight as he glanced at Celes lying unconscious on the stretcher, dried blood caking around her gunshot wound, “Revenge is always up close and personal. I can’t think of a more up close and personal tool of revenge than the knife.”

Clara felt a chill cross over her with the menacing air that seemed to emanate from Kano together with the undeniably deadly tone in his voice.
“For what it’s worth.” Clara said as they walked along, “I’m sorry. If I hadn’t run, 3-D wouldn’t have tried to kill me. If 3-D hadn’t tried to kill me, Tal wouldn’t have taken that bullet.”

“Like I said, you didn’t shoot her. There’s no reason to be sorry.” Henry replied as they walked into the medical lab.

Clara glanced at Henry as he regarded the surgical equipment and all the other accouterments. “It looks roughly akin to our level of medical technology.”

He had put the knife and the laser torch away and was scanning with a medical tricorder. Clara noticed Henry’s gaze would wander from his scanning device to the surroundings of the large, brightly lit room to the area where Celes and Marty were being put.

A human with a pale complexion, pale blue eyes and tousled brown hair wearing a plain blue jumpsuit approached them. “Please place your scanning implement away. This is state of the art medical technology and it’s likely our competitors might want it.”

“I can assure you, mate, I’m not one of your competitors. I need to see whether any of this equipment is suitable to treat my crewmember.” Kano replied, “Who the bloody hell are you?”

“And I can assure you as chief surgeon of this facility that your crewman is in good hands.” the man replied, “I am Bishop, the chief medical officer of the Interplanetary Convention Center Medical Facility.”

“Right.” Henry replied as he pointed his tricorder at a couple diagnostic tables, “Roughly akin to our biobeds.”

“This is the X-178 Diagnostic and Treatment Table, its computers contain the files on any known lifeform.” Bishop moved swiftly as two humanoid robots headed towards the bed.

Bishop’s brow furrowed as he glanced at Celes, “Gunshot wound?”

“Yes.” Henry replied.

One of the robots chittered at Bishop. “XMD-1 has never encountered anything like your crewman’s species before.”

Henry handed Bishop his tricorder, “Can you interface your technology with my tricorder. I can download the results from Celes’ last physical onto it for comparison and assist with the Bajoran anatomy.”

“I appreciate it, but it will not be necessary.” Bishop said.

“Why is that?” Henry asked.

“My wireless modem is already uplinked to your tricorder instrument and is downloading the data on one Celes Tal, female, Bajoran...” Bishop said.

“Crikey you’re an android?” Henry asked.

“Affirmative. I am an X.S. Tech Medical Android Series Eight.” Bishop replied as he glanced over Celes and Marty.

“Prep this one for surgery.” Bishop said to the XMD-1 droid.

A narrow cutting beam like a low intensity laser scalpel began to cut away at Celes’ clothing as another attachment from the X-178 Diagnostic and Treatment Table came down to scan the area of her wound. Bishop began minding a readout.

“Are you Celes’ primary caregiver?” Bishop asked as his eyes moved with android speed at the various maps of the Bajoran anatomical system.

“Not exactly. Ours is a bit out of contact. Why?” Henry asked.

“Just a matter of formality.” Bishop said, “I want to know the being I’ll be addressing my report to. Who was the medic who performed the initial treatment?”

“I was.” Henry replied.

“You did a good job of stopping the bleeding.” Bishop began.

“Thanks.” Henry replied as he watch the XMD-1 at work. Its optical scanners were working as it mapped Tal’s insides.

Bishop tapped at the interface of his computer and showed the scans from Celes’ last medical examination.

“The bullet narrowly missed hitting her right lung but arced towards her stomach and large intestine causing some serious damage there. I’ve found evidence of severe internal bleeding. Are you rated to treat it?” Bishop asked.

“No. I stabilized her and performed the initial scans.” Henry replied.

“I am starting operative procedures now.” Bishop said.

“Can I assist?” Henry replied.

“Your assistance will not be necessary.” Bishop replied, “There is a small café near the operating room if you desire nourishment. I will contact you with my prognosis.”

“What’s your intial prognosis?” Henry asked.

“While you did an excellent job of initial treatment and stabilization and I can treat her physical injuries I’m not certain about her comatose state.” Bishop replied, “There is a distinct probability that she could die during surgery.”

Henry reluctantly left the operating area and saw Marty sitting upright on a biobed with his left foot and lower third of his left leg covered by an arch of some sort.

“They’re treating the burns on his leg from the soldering iron and the acid.” Clara said, and asked, “What about Tal?”

“Bishop says there’s a chance we might lose her during surgery.” Henry said voice struggling to control the emotion inside.

If Clara had any doubts as to Henry’s feelings for Tal they no longer existed. “You can’t do anything more by just hanging around here and you’ll worry yourself sick. Let’s get something to eat, I’m famished.” Clara said.

Henry followed her to the small café and said once more, “I’ve got a promise to make. And I swear that the next time I see 3D I will kill him for this.”

Clara hoped that Henry was just venting but there was definitely something about his statement that said he was dead serious. As much as she thought 3D was scum she found the concept of killing him out of revenge to be unpalatable.


“We will treat your injured crewmen.” the bald green skin humanoid male replied, “But there is a matter of payment.”

Tom said, “We have information on a new threat, its what injured our crewman.”

“A projectile weapon?” the alien replied.

“The person that shot my crew member was part of a gang of thugs led by an individual known as Biff Tannen.” Tom replied, “And he was aligned with a being known as Armus.”

“Armus?” The humanoid male replied.

“I’ve got all the information on the threat and an assessment on it. Will that be sufficient payment?” Tom asked as he sent some information from his PADD to the alien’s computer.

“Just what are these Heartless and what threat do they pose?” the alien replied.

“They pose a tremendous threat to the space-time continuum!” Doc Brown interjected as he stood up from his chair on his side of the oval table where he, Tom Paris, and William Telfer sat opposite the strange green alien.

“Very well. The information should be a sufficient down payment. I will assess what further compensation we require later.” The alien said as he stood up and showed Tom and company out of the room.

The three of them joined Kenneth Dalby in the lobby of the building they now knew as the Interplanetary Convention Center, hosting a large demonstration team for the technology of X.S. Tech.

“From what I’ve seen around here, sir, it looks like they’ve got roughly our level of technology.” Dalby replied, “They seem more advanced in the area of A.I., however. I’ve seen a few androids roaming around here.”

Just then Tom’s comm badge chittered, “Kano to Paris.”

Tom tapped his comm badge and said, “Paris here.”

“Marty’s starting recovery. He should be on his feet by the end of the day. Celes is a different story. She’s in surgery right now and it could be a few hours.” Henry began, “I’ll know after she’s come out of the procedure.”

Telfer put his face in his hands as he sat down on a bench, God he felt so sick. Was Tal going to be alright? How bad was she of?

“Hey.” Tom said, “Are you alright?”

“I’m just worried sir. Any idea about Tal?” Telfer asked as he looked up.

“I don’t know. Lieutenant Kano’s keeping an eye on her status. He’ll let us know if anything changes.” Tom replied, “As soon as she’s out of surgery we’ll head over there.”

It wasn’t much, but it was all Tom could do. He felt horrible. Celes was Telfer’s best friend as well as Kano’s and there was that rumor that he felt something more about her than simple friendship. Poor guy this had to be tearing him apart, especially if he did have unexpressed or unrequited feelings for Celes.

Meanwhile they watched a video where an alien male of a similar species to their host was speaking, “I am Chairman Clench, Chief Executive Officer of X.S. Tech. From our humble beginnings as a single manufacturing plant on Planet X we expanded into interstellar travel, cybernetics, biotechnology and spaceborne defense. From those humble beginnings we always kept our mind on one saying, ‘Seize the Future with X.S.’ One of our probes recently discovered your planet and we saw the opportunity to help a less technologically advanced race. Profit is simply a sideffect we have learned to deal with. And if it can’t be done with X.S. it shouldn’t be done at all...”

“Nice cross between the Ferengi and the Borg.” Dalby joked as they walked about the displays.


Up next a demonstration of X.S. Tech’s technology goes horribly wrong at the same time that Armus and company attack the Interplanetary Convention Center.

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