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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

I liked it. The casting was perfect and it really carried the film.

The weak point for me was the background premise. Tying it into the original timeline with Nimoy's Spock seemed very forced. I realize that Nero going back in time changed things, but it doesn't explain why everything changed. For example, Nero going back in time somehow made Chekov a super-genius? I think the film would have been smoother if it was a clean break.

Also, Nero was too much of a cardboard cutout. Lots of stuff about him wouldn't make sense unless you read the Countdown comic. Personally, I don't think an average movie-goer should rely on a comic (or any tie-in material) to give them the necessary background on a character needed for the movie.

I could have also done w/o all the ADHD editing and the lens flares. Hopefully, they'll tone that down for the next one.

Again, I liked the movie and thought it did the job it set out to do. My issues are very minor, I admit, but I would like to see the movie again in order to better refine my thoughts about it.
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