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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

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Well, Bacl, you are entitled to hate this movie. That is your choice about how you feel about it. However, if your opinion is right, then that means the vast majority of us here on this board are wrong about Star Trek XI.
What the fuck?

Question: Did you like the movie?

Person A: No, I did not like the movie.

Person B: Yes, I liked the movie.

Conclusion: Only one of these two people can be correct???

I did not like the movie. You did. We are both right. I did not realize personal opinion was a matter of majority rule.

Fuck this. "Grade and Discuss" ... So long as you agree with the vast majority. What is the bloody point?
Hey, if you do not like the movie, thats cool. But to say that its not Star Trek, well to me, when you say that, then you are saying that the rest of us whom like it do not know what we are talking about, in my opinion.
Well, I am sorry if that's how my words came across, but I would never want to say that about you or anyone. I just didn't feel that this movie was Star Trek to me.

For me, Star Trek has always been about ideas, character, conflict, and what it means to be human. It was never about war, for me (again for me) Star Trek was a show about peace, and intellectual curiosity.

For me, this movie was about gunfights, and blowing up planets, and anger. Even Spock seemed angry, and bitter, and even kind of mean.

I always viewed Spock as a man of logic, pacifism, and spiritual calm. He was what we were heading towards as an evolutionary process. Not biological evolution, but mental evolution.

"The human journey is just begining..."

That's what I think of when I think of Star Trek.

I didn't see that in this movie. I'm glad people enjoyed it, but I did not. I just didn't. I'm sorry, but it is how I feel.
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