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Re: OMFG MASSIVE SPOLIERS: NeoTrek Engine Musings

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its stupid!
What an eloquent response.

Anyway, I don't really think it's completely off the wall to have a futuristic engine room look like it did in TOS, TNG, and on. I also don't think the engine room would be quite so... BIG, as it was depicted in the movie. It seemed way over the top, like Chekov's accent.

That being said, I think the engine room gave it a real feeling. From my pov, the engine room is a power generation facility, just like the nuclear reactors we have today. And from what i've seen of those, there are pipes EVERYWHERE. I don't think the M/AM reactors they use on trek would be to different then reactors we use today. Yes, nuclear reactors heat up water, and run them through turbines to generate electricity. But I can see M/AM reactors doing that with the plasma, so pipes going every which way didn't seem to far off.
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