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Re: Vertical Intermix Chamber and TMP Enterprise

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If it's functioning as a 'warp field symmetry' doohickey, I'd say it doesn't have to. If it's doubling as a power converter for the impulse engines, I'd say it has to at least have a line running to it. I again prefer Probert's connected configuration for the sake of 'respect of intent.'
Well, if you're referring to the symmetrical warp governor from the NX-01, per the the Drex Files blog, the idea was that that had been obsoleted shortly before "The Cage" by improvements in the basic technology allowing them to natively generate symmetrical warp fields. Ergo, there's no way the E-refit or E-A should need one.
The governor itself was rendered obsolete, yes, but there's been some speculation that the crystal on the SWG is not the generator itself, but a deflection crystal because Doug also states that the NX-01's impulse system uses warp plasma for power. Therefore, the crystal setup might convert warp plasma for impulse use similar to what the refit's deflection crystal was said to do. I asked Doug, so let's see what he thinks.
Sure - I mean I was one of those speculating in that direction

I still don't see how that means that the E-refit or E-A would have a SWG, though - even if the blue dome on the NX-E was an Impulse Deflection Crystal, it doesn't follow that the SWG assembly would be needed on the E-refit/E-A.

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From the sounds of it, the doohickey was there on the NX-01 to cope with a new and exceptionally powerful warp field. One could speculate that the need for such a doohickey would re-emerge whenever an even newer and even more powerful warp field was introduced. That is, when the engines grew in power from TOS to TMP, the new field of the E-nil-refit (and E-B) once again required the doohickey - and when things plateaued again, the E-C was able to go the TOS route and abandon the doohickey.
Not so sure - the SWG appeared to be there to cope with one very specific problem (the problem with generating a symmetrical warp bubble), which had been present on earlier ships too, and was one of the major reason why the "speed limit" on them was below Warp 5. Once they can generate a natively symmetric warp bubble, then something else becomes the speed limit, and it doesn't follow that they would lose the symmetric warp bubble.
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