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Re: Cupcake = Finnegan?

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It would be cute if Cupcake was Finnegan...however, it would also be cool if Cupcake was a creation of this movie. Let's let some new things be just that - NEW THINGS.
Totally. Plus, he could easily work as a Finnegan analogue (as was mentioned by Jeri). In this new timeline, he is the type of thorn in Kirk's side that Finnegan would have been in another, albeit their methods differ greatly.

Still, I think it would be very, very interesting if they were to develop Cupcake and Kirk's relationship in the next one to one of mutual respect. I have no problem with them adding an entirely new character to the original Star Trek crew. Kind of like what O'Brien was for the TNG crew. Who is chief of security for Kirk's ship (besides Kirk himself, I mean)? I think Cupcake should be the acting Security/Red Shirt Chief who lives through every movie....until the last one! Ha!

Come on: Security Chief Cupcake, Red Shirt Prime! Who's with me?
Sounds great to me. It would also show that they all have grown as people, if Kirk embraced Cupcake and then counted on him during missions, etc.
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