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Define Vulcan love. Sexual and Paternal.

I haven't seen Star Trek 11, (I live in the Zhong Guo Federation and haven't seen it yet, hopefully I can see it next week) but I want to know if they expain this backstory.

This crazy family................................

Does the movie explain how Serek and his wife met in the first place? What did she see in the man? Serek was a humorless fellow. Very Vulcan, very unemotional

Explain Vulcan sexuality as it is expalined in the series? I know about "Ponn Farr" where Vulcans go into mating season once every seven years, and that they have to go back to the person that they were bonded to (arranged marriage) to meet. I have always thought this was a retarded plotline, but how else can the writers explain sexuality in an unemotional species of people? How can a human like her get that handsome Vulcan into bed?

How can someone relate to an unemotional person. How does the unemotional person care about anyone else? If you are unemotional, you do not care about anything. Your family, your life or yourself. Maybe a fatalist worldview.

Then Serek in TNG marries a second human! I think that was a dumb device, maybe Serek should have married a Vulcan woman, maybe the woman that he was originally bonded to.

I would think that Vulcan would be xenophobic to a great degree, other people from other worlds can visit, but cannot really assimilaite or understand the Vulcan culture and rather grow old of the place. Can it be said that Serek and his wife were the first interracial couple in all of Vulcan? I have read that the Vulcan children in Star Trek 11 call the child Spock's mother a "whore". Why would they do this, if they were devoid of emotion. Since love is an emotion which is not practiced, the whore reference was towards that no alien should marrya Vulcan and Spock was a b*s*ard.

Vulcans have been occasionally portrayed as somewhat rude people, using logic to make their points which without their knowledge annoys their hosts, especially human ones. Dr. McCoy/Spock was an example of this.

Sarek was a very strict father, but he always loved Spock and wanted what was best for him. But how can an unemotional person love anyone? Love is an emotion. I have also inferred from all the series that Vulcans do feel, but through culture and training have blotted most of their feelings out, but a Vulcan does have feelings.

Enterprise really screwed up the Vulcans, the actors in the Vulcan roles had emotions. I have imbibed too much Romulan Ale to do research, but the Vulcans were almost villians in that series and several episodes played that out. I liked the Vulcan who was the supervisor and mentor of T'Pol.

My favorite Vulcan was Tuvok from Voyager played by Tim Russ. Russ played the role beautifully.

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