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Re: Checkmate: A tale of the Klingon/Cardassian war

(A new segment today, this time dealing with the other side. Enjoy!)

On the edge of a Bat’leth

It gilded slowly and majestically though the darkness of space its fearsome weapons prime and ready for battle. It resembled nothing more than a hawk about to prey upon a slow moving target, it was a dagger aimed at the hearts of the enemies of its creators. A cloak of invisibility protected it from the naked eye and from most sensor fields.
It was a K’vort class Bird of Prey and on its cramped bridge the glorious captain of the vessel was steady losing what little temper he had left...

“SENSORS, WHERE IS MY TARGET?” Captain Klaa flung spittle all over the young warrior at the sensor station on the bridge “Find me something to kill for the glory of this ship and the Empire or Kahless help me I’ll skin you alive!” By this point the noble captains face was but an inch from the young man who could only promise to do his best and avoid cringing shamefully in the face of such untempered fury.

L’kin, the first officer of the IKS C’vort watched the display with contempt. This fool knows nothing of the ways of command he thought he is merely a strutting bully who inspires no loyalty in his men, with no real battles to his name. At least his namesake did battle with the Great Kirk.
L’kin was well familiar with the tale of Klaa of the House of Dromos, he had been named after Captain Klaa of the IKS Chontay whose impulsive behaviour had resulted in a shameful demotion to the position of translator at the trials of aliens and he would have remained there had not a sneak Romulan attack not given him a chance to die with honour.
However his Grandson appeared only to have inherited the name and the fearsome temper of the first Klaa with none of his warrior skill. And I must manage this petaQ and make certain that he does not kill all of us with his incompetence, L’kin bitterly thought. Indeed it had taken a mini battle in and of itself to convince the fool to engage the cloak before entering Cardassian space.

The Cardassians are many things but they are not fools, they will easily be able to spot a uncloaked Bird of Prey entering their territory and they will send one of their Galor class warships to blow us out of the sky. As a seasoned and honest warrior it was L’kins duty to consider all the possible outcomes of the mission, good or bad. Of course Klaa had no doubts about the war boasting about the numbers of Cardassians that he would slay and how the Cardassian cowards would flee at the mere slight of the Klingon fleet.

Naturally things had not gone to plan and at the last report from the main fleet the resistance from the Cardassians was stiffing greatly and slowing down the advance significantly. And even that was propaganda for the troops. L’kins brother, General Keleth, had told him of several battles lost with dozens of warships and hundreds of Warriors lost to no good effect and with every planet and outpost taken from the Union heaving with an almost uncontrollable insurgency.

Already there were signs of the Cardassians mobilising for full scale warfare, with conveys being organised and positions undergoing fortification. The C’vok had been forced to avoid several large conveys in the last two days alone and recently had to dodge a large Cardassian fleet that had been randomly warping around the sector. And our sensors have picked up several other fleets in the area, all in different random vectors.

L’kin had to admit to a certain admiration of this tactic, the Cardassians knew that the Klingons would send ships into this sector and had obviously sent several different task forces though the region in order to trap and destroy any enemy ships plus it had the useful psychological effect of reminding the Klingons that this was no mere nuisance like the Kreel that the Empire was dealing with.

Several of the warriors on this very ship had cast aspersions on the mission doubting that they would even achieve anything of honour before being killed. And I had to bang their heads together lest our brave captain execute the fools L’kin though sourly what is even worst for me is that I agreed with them. Indeed L’kin was of the (very private) opinion that if the feared Obsidian Order had not fallen or the ruthless Central Command not been overthrown then the war might well have been over as soon as it began. As it is the Empire would lose many fine Warriors by the end of this conflict...

L’kins musings were interrupted but the excited call of the young sensor officer. “I have a target my Captain” the young man said with a wide grin on his face “a Cardassian ship medium sized with minimal weaponry and weak shielding; I think it is a freighter sir!

Captain Klaa frowned and snarled angrily “I was hoping for a Warship to engage in honourable conflict with! Gah, put the petaQs onscreen.” L’kin struggled valiantly with the temptation to roll his eyes at the young fool’s bravado and turned his gaze towards the view screen. The Cardassian ship had the same ochre colouring as the rest of their fleet but it lacked for the sleek deadly lines of their warships. Indeed the vessel was short and blocky with a midsection that was full of cargo containers and no visible signs of weapons or other offensive abilities.

Captain Klaa sneered at the image of the hapless Cardassian ship, “prepare to lower the cloak and raise all weapons, we’ll use that barge as target practice!” L’kin sighed inwardly and moved to his captain’s side. “I trust sir, that you remain aware of our mission to capture all Cardassian materiel in order to gather intelligence on their war making abilities?” Both Klingon officers glared at either other in a silent contest of will whilst all around them warriors awaited the outcome.

The younger and more inexperienced Captain broke first. “Very well, jam all outgoing signals and lock weapons on-target but do not fire unless ordered to. Decloak!”
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