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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

I'm afraid to leave this thread alone for more than a few minutes at a time because if I don't check it for more than an hour or two, it absolutely explodes to the point where it's nearly impossible to catch back up! Saw it in Imax this morning in Imax, so I thought I would stop in with a few more thoughts. I thought it stood up very well upon the repeat viewing. Definately thinking it's my new favorite Trek movie, and it very well could be my favorite movie. So, just a few thoughts on what happened:

~Chekov didn't grate on me nearly as much the second time. The boy genius was still a tad annoying, but I got over the accent. I think it was just kinda jarring the first time I heard it.

~When the Spock was talking with the bridge crew about the time travel and the alternate realities, that scene and the way Spock was played reminded me so much of Star Trek VI when they were discussing the possibility of the cloaked BOP, and I loved it! If Quinto was Spock nowhere else in the movie, he was Spock in that scene, and it was awesome.

~The beginning. Still absolutely loved the beginning, and it still got me to tear up, which is rare for things to do upon repeat viewings. In fact, I started going earlier than last time simply because I knew what was coming.

~Pine did an awesome Kirk, and played like he was meant for the roll. The way he talked, the way he acted, reminded me so much of Kirk.

~I had two non-Trekkie fans love the movie and another one think it was good.

~Overall, still a phenominal experience. As someone who has been a fan for very nearly my entire life, I will say that I don't go into a series or movie looking for a "big, orverriding moral story". I'm going in looking to be entertained, and this movie does it in spades. If it does anything wrong, it's that it goes by too quickly. Hours seem like minutes. i have at least two more repeat viewings in the theaters, if not more, and I look forward to them!

You folks who dislike the movie are certainly entitled to that opinion, but as I've said in other locations, I don't understand the, "You're a koolaid drinker/ sheep/ fake Trek fan/ idiot/ lowest common denominator/ etc" comments and mentality. The way I see it? If you want people to respect your right to dislike the movie, grow the hell up and don't pull lines or moves like this. If nothing else, it will help your credibility and the likelihood that you'll be taken seriously when you leave crap lines like that out.
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