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Disturbed by What I've Seen.....

.....When I went to see The Voyage Home I had a similar feeling, the more I think about it the more it seems to me to be the same feeling I had back in '86'. I had seen Trek but it was not Trek, it looked like Trek, it smelled like Trek but it was different.

It's not a bad thing.

But I don't know if I liked it and that's the point.

My misgivings are similar to many here although I do not care for the canon arguments. I thought engineering was a mess, what was the point of Pegg? None of the characters seemed to interact in the way that actors doing that role for years comfortably interacted, the effects were good but ultimately no better than most blockbusters coming through today and they had the virtue of being ripped off from BSG

I was utterly unmoved by the opening scenes on the Kelvin which seemed contrived and what was the point of Spock prime? Lucky Kirk happened on by that cave having been chased in any number of directions by the 'Lobster'.......more plot twisting that seemed credible actually. Pine was trying to do an impression of Shatner at times it seemed to me as well. The simulator scene was farcical too it seemed to me.

It was OK though, it was certainly different but I was far from convinced. My daughter, whom joined me last night at the cinema that it was cool because it had lots of explosions, emmmmm...........!

Too much seemed to be going on to flesh out the characters, Nero was an opportunity wasted as was Spock and his backstory.

I really don't know.

Of course it'll make money though as TVH. But did it pander to the lowest common denominator?

I think it did just as TVH did too.

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