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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

Hello all, first post from a year long lurker! Glad to finally jump in and embrace my inner Trekkie .

I saw the movie on Thursday with the girlfriend, my brother, sister, and her boyfriend. I was the only one out of the group who had seen any Trek and liked/loved what had come before: sis and her bf tried to watch a few episodes but thought they were bland, my brother is a Star Wars freak (I dig it too, Eps 4/5/6 only though), and my girlfriend who doesn't like any sci-fi that isn't Twilight. But, they all agreed that it "looked cool", and were willing to give it a chance.

This movie blew me away. Holy SHIT. This is the Trek we've been waiting for! I loved the nods to previous Trek, the casting/acting was superb, the f/x were stunning, I really liked the score, and the pacing of the film. Nonstop, balls to the wall. And emotional as hell. The first 10 minutes had the room getting dusty .

The cast all delivered in spades, and in fact might be my favorite thing about the movie. Pine as Kirk, Quinto as Spock, Urban as McCoy equals pure WIN. They didn't turn their charecters into spoofs, but the subtle nods here and there were welcome while making their own marks. LOVE Scotty, just wish there was more of him. Chekov was very likable, Uhura was sexy, intellegent, and stoic, and Sulu was Badass. Greenwood was great as Captain Pike as well! Loved the nods with his uniform and wheelchair. I really want to see the cut scenes with Nero on the DVD, because I really liked Bana's villian. Granted, it was Khan-lite, but he felt real, if that makes sense. And of course, Leonard Nimoy. What else needs be said? You could tell he really enjoyed being back, and I enjoyed it as well

The Enterprise From the pictures released months ago, I wasn't sure how it would work. In motion, it's BEAUTIFUL. I wanted to see more! Awesome ship. I liked the phasers being pulses like TWOK. The new warp effect is excellent as well. You really feel the ships power (especially when the Narada warps).

My only complaints are it ended way too fast, and maybe in the sequel we can see a bit more futuristic engineering, though I liked where they were going with it. I'm not wanting to see TNG with one huge shiny warp core and no pipes, but maybe a mix of both that and what we see in this would be the ticket. Small, small complaint though .

Also, some have stated the the story/plot is the weak point of the film. At first I agreed, and still think they could have done a few things to make it flow a bit better re: alternate timeline, time travel shenanigans, whatnot. But, keep in mind that this movie is trying to accomplish something I've never seen done, that being sequel, prequel, AND reboot all at the same time. JJ and team NAILED it. An in-universe explanation for the new timeline/universe, while somewhat clunky, was a neccesity. Otherwise, there would have been a lot of ticked off Trek fans for wiping the slate clean. I thought it was a great job overall.

Oh, and my family LOVED it too. When you see that first shot of the Enterprise right after Kirk tells Bones "I may throw up on you" ...I audibly "Whoa"d. So did the family! My brother couldn't stop smiling, and my sister and boyfriend now wants their own Enterprise (God, don't we all...). Even the girlfriend enjoyed it!

Emotional, epic, hilarious: it was all I could have asked for and more.
(on a side note, my sis pointed out to me that this movie had a "A New Hope" vibe to it. I think she was right, but in all the right ways. As they all agreed with me, at its heart, it's most definitely Star Trek!)

I could go on and on, but it's time to get some rest. I'll be seeing it again this week with my other sister who's a big geek like me, and probably a few more times after that! I can't wait to see what's next for this LIVING and PROSPERING franchise!

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