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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

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I'm not the cynic, the cynics are the ones that know their destorying something good and worth while because they can make a ton of money!
1. I don't think they are destroying, they are resurrecting.
2. Nothing wrong with making money.
Wow! You've proved my point!
Please explain to me just how Paramount was going to make a Trek film out of charity and not out of profit. For that matter, please explain to me why Paramount sustained the Trek franchise for over 40 years. Here's a hint: it certainly wasn't out of the goodness of their hearts, bud. The seasonal budget for all the spinoffs was easily in the seven figures.

"To not like it would make them dickheads." --Nimoy on SNL. Bless him

Anyway, here's my review, posted on another board:

The entire Kelvin sequence was more epic than all but two of the previous Trek movies.

Heck, that's one positive problem I have with the movie: it's almost too epic, and while normally that's not a bad thing, I have something of a hard time thinking that this is the same crew who lost the ship to space hippies. Twice. (The movie makes it pretty clear that even though it's a new timeline and different technology, our Big 7 heroes have pretty much the same personalities and same traits that make them heroes in the first place).

But anyway, not the most complex or deepest Trek movie out there, and once again the film continues the trend for Trek to be more about fighting than actually going where no man has gone before, but it's a fun movie and you never notice the time flying by.


Amanda Grayson! NOOO!!! I think she's she only TOS character to actually die in this movie. The audience around me gasped.

Also, with all the references to the other movies, when the drill rig falls in the Bay, I half expected someone to yell out that the last of Earth's humpback whales were killed.

Uhura plays an integral role in a any Trek. Anyone remember STIII, when she was gone for 90% of the flick? Woo hoo!

Additionally, Sulu's sword fight, logistics be damned, was fantastic. We always knew he had what it took to be great. After all, he did eventually get the Excelsior. Aside from Kirk, he was probably the most dashing of the bunch.

And while not really a surprise, how great is it to see Pike and Kirk working together, albeit briefly?

I'm sure I'll have more complaints later, either when I think of them or someone brings up a good point. Still, for now, I'm going to revel in its popcorn goodness. While not the best Trek movie, it's certainly the most exhilarating.

Two minor nitpicks in classic Trekkie fashion:
-While I understand the new warp effect that came with a new change to the franchise (as it's happened a half dozen times anyway), I wish Nero's and Spock's ships retained the TNG/DS9/VOY warp look

-During the gunfight aboard the vessel, the phasers shooting short bursts is fine and consistent. I wish the Romulan weapons fired steady streams as was consistent in the past

And really, the only reason why I'd point out those nitpicks is just to show the contrast of what came before versus the changes made with the new version. But again, they're minor, almost minute minor.

Oh, and old school sound effects? Heck yes. You even get to hear the ship's warp-power-up sound effect from the 60s! Love it love it love it.
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