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Re: Cupcake = Finnegan?

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Yeah, but an awful lot of cadets got assigned to ships in a hurry in this movie who might not have been there in the oldTrek universe because this crisis didn't happen.
Point taken, but Finnegan and Kirk seemed to have some knock-down drag-outs at the Academy. And Cupcake needed 3 others to challenge the Kirkster, so...
It seems as if this version of Kirk had a habit of looking for fights in bars that may have made him less of a push-over by the time he got to the Academy - at a considerably older age than in oldTrek, of course.

Which sort of answers the plausibility question - Finnegan as he existed in oldTrek probably had graduated the Academy before PineKirk arrived.

Still, I think the idea has charm.
Yeah, I do too--but the accent was sorely needed to reinforce that impression.
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