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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

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So I figure I will write a quick review of the film. I saw it again today, and from the moment the Paramount stars enter the screen to the dedication at the end, this film was pure joy to me. The best thing to see was how energetic the cast and production crew of this film was. You could tell they had fun making this film. A few points:

-Some thought Ben Cross was wooden as Sarek, I thought he was excellent. The scene were he tells Spock that the reason he married his mother was because he loved her was very touching.

- The opening sequence was just incredible to watch, from the acting (kudos to Chris Helmsworth and Jennifer Morrison) to the direction of the battle sequences and the music played over the whole thing.

- I LOVE LOVE LOVE the sound design in this whole movie. The weapons feel and sound like destructive devices, and the way that they just tear through the ships are astounding. You feel the power of these devices as they go off.

- The sequence when the ship warps into Vulcan space and flies into the remains of the battle group is probably my favorite sequence of the film. The sheer chaos of it all is astounding. The voices overlapping each other yelling orders and the sound of the engines trying to slow down and maneuver around the debris is just incredible. And it was actually quite sad because only moments before, these ships were filled with the classmates of the Enterprise crew who was just at the academy. I really haven't been that saddened by a scene in Trek for a long time, because just minutes before you saw all these bright eyed kids ready to go explore the galaxy, and now they had met their fate in the worst way possible, in the coldness of space.

-The whole cast was just terrific, and the casting was just spot on. I loved Spock especially though, because through the whole thing, even though he was emotionless you could just tell he had a little smile underneath it all until the events at Vulcan.

- The Kobyashi Maru scene was PRICELESS. The swagger Kirk has as he orders everyone around, and how the rest of the crew, and the testers, are like WTF is he doing. I especially loved when they torpedoed the Klingons, Kirk making the gun with his finger and going PEW PEW PEW! That and the apple he was eating was a nice tough to TWOK.

I guess I will write more later, but I just can't get over how great that movie was. The only bad thing was that it went by so fast, and now we have to wait another two years for the sequel.
You know I really liked the Kobyashi Maru too! I think its the only part of the movie I like, but didn't you notice the lack of anything meaningful or intelligent about this movie? It really just seemed like 2 hours of eye candy and no soul! It did'nt give you anything substancal to really think about!
It gave me a lot to think about, in the same sense that TWOK game me something to think about. It was NOT two hours of eye candy, it was an experience. Transformers, while a fun film, that was eye candy. This was so much more though. The scenes when Kirk is born and his father only gets to hear his cries for a few seconds was very very moving, the same with the scene of Spock and his father reflecting on his mother at the transporter pad. "I married your mother because I loved her", to me was one of the best lines of the film.

To me, while intelligent Trek is good trek, emotional Trek is GREAT Trek. Honestly, was "The Inner Light" known because it's such an intelligent episode? No, it's because it's so emotional. There were so many scenes in this film FILLED with emotion, and if they had used lesser actors in this film, they would have come of as goofy. But with the high quality acting in this film, you felt sadness and fear for them.

Ill say it again, but one of the saddest scenes in the film for me is seeing the fleet destroyed at Vulcan. I mean only a few minutes before you saw all these cadets all excited to go. The scene where Uhura is assigned to the Farragut and her room mate is assigned to another ship is touching because her room mate looks so excited to go and so excited to finally go out there. But now, they are all dead.

Honestly, I can't fathom how someone could not like this film. It just had it all.

Hmmmm I think you have a point with the Inner Light but its not all emotion, it also showed how somebody can live a lifetime (in a concepual sense) in a short time, and how people are only really dead if you forget them. Yes I also think your right that the movie wa semotional in the ways you pointed out but this was manipulaton with every cheap trick in the book and I personally thought that the acting was sub-par. Really what part did Winona Ryder really have to boot?
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