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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

jazzstick wrote: View Post
I wouldn't mind a different take on Star Trek I just wished it was as intelligent and well written as the original. Can you guys please tell me what about this movie made you think, because I just can't find it.
For me, and I can only answer for myself:

* The interpersonal conflict between Kirk & Spock, whether it would become what we know as their close friendship in the original universe.

* How events, big and small, in our lives change the direction for the better or even for the worse, and the experiences we have along the way.

* It is possible to win in a no win scenario, and cheating isn't a required part of it.

* What we know, and what we think we know, are two completely separate entities. We as knowledgeable creatures find every day that we are once again schooled by the universe in the level of ignorance we display toward it.

* How lives can be so intertwined, it opens up the idea of fate or destiny, that what happens is meant to be.

Just a couple of thoughts I've had in regard to the movie. There are plenty more.

Tom Servo wrote: View Post

It gave me a lot to think about, in the same sense that TWOK game me something to think about. It was NOT two hours of eye candy, it was an experience. Transformers, while a fun film, that was eye candy. This was so much more though. The scenes when Kirk is born and his father only gets to hear his cries for a few seconds was very very moving, the same with the scene of Spock and his father reflecting on his mother at the transporter pad. "I married your mother because I loved her", to me was one of the best lines of the film.

To me, while intelligent Trek is good trek, emotional Trek is GREAT Trek. Honestly, was "The Inner Light" known because it's such an intelligent episode? No, it's because it's so emotional. There were so many scenes in this film FILLED with emotion, and if they had used lesser actors in this film, they would have come of as goofy. But with the high quality acting in this film, you felt sadness and fear for them.

Ill say it again, but one of the saddest scenes in the film for me is seeing the fleet destroyed at Vulcan. I mean only a few minutes before you saw all these cadets all excited to go. The scene where Uhura is assigned to the Farragut and her room mate is assigned to another ship is touching because her room mate looks so excited to go and so excited to finally go out there. But now, they are all dead.

Honestly, I can't fathom how someone could not like this film. It just had it all.
Spot on. Though there was much for me to think about, the emotional impact of this movie is staggering. I loved it, and like you, it was an experience I'll never forget. Yes, when Sarek told Spock that he loved his mother, when George Kirk tells Winona right before the Kelvin hits the Narada, that he loves her, when Spock's mother dies and Spock reaches out to grab her and when he materializes he is holding empty space, when Vulcan was destroyed the entire theater was absolutely silent, there was this collective awe from the audience, myself included. This movie was just magnificent and I want to experience it again and again.


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