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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

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He made the accusation. I want a definition of terms.
Well, bub, let me explain to you just why you are not a real Star Trek fan. In your mind, anything that wasn't produced by Gene motherfucking Roddenberry himself is not Star Trek. You walked into (likely paid for) a movie, that you previously said you utterly refused to go watch, with the sole intention of picking it apart, and analyzing just how your childhood is being anally pummelled. You berate others for enjoying a movie they (and the vast, vast majority of people) found to be fun, exciting, and reinvigorating; and you have the pompous arrogance to insult others in this forum, and call them "Kool-Aid drinkers." You think and act as if you're some sort god among men. You act like you're morally and intellectually superior to the other people in the world. You have the audacity to DEMAND that a multi-billion dollar production studio give you YOUR version of some long forgotten, discarded science-fiction franchise because you somehow have the idea in your head that you're owed something by these people. I hate to burst your bubble, Sparky, but you're a nobody; and no one even knows you exist.

You whine about continuity violations, yet you completely overlook the dozens upon dozens of violations committed by your precious TOS itself. Why? Is it because Gene motherfucking Roddenberry can do no wrong? What makes that hack so special?

You embody all of the worst stereotypes of the classic Star Trek fan (which I won't get into here because I can't actually speak my mind in this forum without getting warned... for telling the truth).

At the end of the day, you're threatened by change. You fear this new Star Trek because you realize that all you have (and all you've likely ever had) in life is YOUR pathetic version of Star Trek. You feel so beaten down by life that your version of Trek was your only escape, and now the "normal people" are intruding on your private sanctuary.

You want to preserve your worthless version of Star Trek, and the franchise to die a slow and painful death rather than have it continue on. Hey, what does it matter to you. Afterall, all that other stuff was never really Star Trek anyway, right?

Thankfully, I can report that a few raped childhoods aside (sad smiley face. ), all the original DVDs are still on the shelf, and the Star Trek franchise is once again alive and well, with much more to come!!
I wouldn't mind a different take on Star Trek I just wished it was as intelligent and well written as the original. Can you guys please tell me what about this movie made you think, because I just can't find it.
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