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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

My first experience with Star Trek was watching reruns of TOS back in the late '70s when I was a young teenager. Since then, I have devoured every Star Trek show, movie, and book that I could get my hands on, while enjoying about 90% of it.
I have watched this movie, and I voted "Excellent" on this Poll here. To those who believe that this movie is crap, well you are entitled to your opinions, this is still a free country. You are free to choose to think whatever you want to think or feel about Star Trek XI. However, the vast majority, according to his poll, really enjoy Star Trek XI. We like it. What I don't like, is that according to some of the detractors of Star XI, what that means if we do like this movie; then we are fans who want "a movie for those who don't want to think and have a 15 second attention span!" or that we are Star Trek fans who like a movie that we have become "Kool-aid drinkers."
Now of course these naysayers are free to insult people like myself if they want to do so. However, I have found over these last 44 years of life, that when someone insults a person on the opposing side of a disagreement, that they have done nothing but belittle their own point of view while at the same time making oneself look bad, instead of having the intended effect of making the person insulted look bad.
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