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Re: April Contest Entry: "The Image and the Spirit"

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Wow, this was great- and an interesting take on a topic that's been at least mulled around here. I like the way you handled it.
Thanks...I well remember that thread and I admit my reaction to it definitely influenced my decision to have Hirhul deal with it.

He didn’t understand these people at all—and now the thought of understanding them frightened him.
I think it's okay to feel that way, and I empathize with him.

And if his standards didn't allow him to do that- that's fine, I'm glad he didn't compromise.
Thanks...I'm glad you understand. Like I mentioned to CeJay, he IS still a teenage boy--yet the society he's living with now seems to be totally floored by the idea that he's controlling his impulses.

I feel like I even see that in modern day: control your impulses and some people think you're an unhealthy freak, that you're stuffy, or otherwise not a good person to be around. From my observations, it's even worse on you if you happen to be a guy and you restrain yourself. And that's a shame.

At best, that'd be at least a level up from playing with mannequins... I'm sure people do it... but it's weird... IMO. I mean, yes, it's a hologram... but we know they're supposed to be pretty realistic.
Yeah, and I think it gets even dicier in the interactive programs. This one was "just" a non-participatory playback, but even the gawking you can do with one of those just feels really freaky to me to think about. I mean, it feels idolatrous to me--something I could not do without feeling like I had really betrayed myself.

Great work NG!
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