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Re: Smallville#8-21 "Injustice" -Discuss/Grade <Spoilers>

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Since when did Clark get a batmobile?
Yeah, what was that KITT scene all about?

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Still, it would be very cool if Clark did die fighting Doomsday next week. It's obvious he'd be resurrected in the first 10 minutes of 9x01, but it would make one hell of a S8 finale.
Totally agree. Now who would be cradling his beaten corpse after the battle? Chloe or Lois?

Well for my money, it should be Chloe, but if they really are trying to copy the DC Doomsday story, then I suppose it'll be Lois.

I was finally able to watch the ep this evening, and after watching it I wonder if I shouldn't have just stayed home and watched it live and passed on a second viewing of Star Trek. I really liked this ep, more than I thought I would. The whole thing with Chloe not being Chloe caught me a bit by surprise, even though she wasn't really acting quite like herself. I guess she's still being Davis' love-slave, wherever they are.

The ending with Tess and the glowing voice was a bit of a surprise as well; I can't help but wonder if that scene was written in once the showrunners knew that Season 9 was a go. I also can't help but wonder if this is a setup for Kara's eventual return.
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