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Re: Smallville#8-21 "Injustice" -Discuss/Grade <Spoilers>


Kara comes back.

Jorel wipes her memories and powers again.

It's his thing.

She gets a job as a stripper.

Someone tucks a counterfeit Kryptonite 50 dollar bill under the strap of her g-string...

No wait?

No powers, no weakness.

Carry on.

This episode was probably pitched as a bookend to the episode "Justice" where the Justice league turned up, since the bad guys when they team up some times call themselves the InJustice League of America (Irony be damned it's run by a Gorilla who eats people half the time.), but half the team is wiped out off camera and the rest as well as the show went by without ever coming to heads with Olivers lot in some Super battle Royal.

Not that the budget could stomach that many "gueststars".

Is the little bugger who played Impulse ever coming back?

He was fun.
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