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Re: ENT Reference in Star Trek XI? - SPOILERS

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How long had Scotty been on Delta Vega? He could have been there a while, close to decade. Yeah, Jonathan Archer would STILL be very old. But people are assuming Scotty was just sent there. Even if previously Jonathan Archer went on to be a Federation President or an Ambassador he would have gone back to using his Starfleet rank while teaching at the Academy.

I like the reference. Even if you figure its a child or grandchild of Jonathan's its still an Enterprise reference. They did not have to do one at all.
it is still a reference even if it is a grandchild ect of archer.
if it is a descendant it dosnt make the reference wrong.
i really do like it without it being jonathan archer.
the only reason i dont think it isnt archer is the archer was supposed to be an instructor in quantum mechanics or something like that.

i suspect the novelization will have more.

and that there may be more then one delta vega..
no big deal..
has happened before.

i actually like delta vega summer and delta vega winter to keep them apart.
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