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Re: ENT Reference in Star Trek XI? - SPOILERS

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Then again, it might have been a totally different guy. It was just a nod to those who would be able to associate something with it without distracting those who never watched ENT.
I prefer to think it really was our Archer. It's a nice nod to us ENT fans. I'm content with it.
Its kinda like the reference in the film to the planet called "Delta Vega", which is in completely the wrong part of space as it should be. The writers of the film even admitted this-
For the Trek fans, this film includes many little references. For example you have Kirk dropped off on the planet Delta Vega, which was seen in second Star Trek pilot. It is a cool reference, but didnít you also fudge canon by ignoring that Delta Vega was way out next to the galactic barrier.

Orci: True. Yeah we did. We moved the planet to suit our purposes. The familiarity of the name seemed more important as an Easter egg, than a new name with no importance.
That's just lazy to me, and a seriously shitty "nod". What's the point of doing it if it's totally wrong and makes no sense?
They might as well have had a Kazon walking about the Enterprise in the film. That would have been a "nod" to the Voyager fans, even though it makes no logical sense at all, but hey who cares right?

Ah, Manny Coto...
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