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Re: Vertical Intermix Chamber and TMP Enterprise

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All we can determine from dialogue is that the Enterprise had at least three reactors on board of indeterminate function, although the impulse engines are apparently powered by fusion reactors.

When there is talk about what powers the warp drive, aside from vague generalities about the nacelles, with matter and antimatter being involved somehow, the few instances of direct references (interestingly, in two episodes either written or directed by John Merydith Lucas, specifically, "Elaan of Troyius" and "That Which Survives"), we have the "Matter/Antimatter Reaction Chamber" and "matter/antimatter reactor".

Note the use of the singular in the reference.

It is specifically from those references, and those from other episodes that tend to support that model, that the folks who did the design work on later Trek shows derived their model of a single intermix chamber, or "warp core", providing the power to operate the warp drive, with other secondary reactors, presumably fusion, to provide supplementary power to the other systems onboard.

Also note that this model is put in place during the development of Phase II, presumably with the involvement of Matt Jefferies. In fact, a lot of his redesign of the Enterprise seemed to be of the nature of clarifying things that were a little vague in the original ship, like where Engineering was, which way the bridge faced, and how the power systems were set up.
Clarification... or retcon?

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As for the deflection crystal, that's something that the vertical intermixer/warp core can, but does not necessarily have to, connect to?
If it's functioning as a 'warp field symmetry' doohickey, I'd say it doesn't have to. If it's doubling as a power converter for the impulse engines, I'd say it has to at least have a line running to it. I again prefer Probert's connected configuration for the sake of 'respect of intent.'
Well, if you're referring to the symmetrical warp governor from the NX-01, per the the Drex Files blog, the idea was that that had been obsoleted shortly before "The Cage" by improvements in the basic technology allowing them to natively generate symmetrical warp fields. Ergo, there's no way the E-refit or E-A should need one.
The governor itself was rendered obsolete, yes, but there's been some speculation that the crystal on the SWG is not the generator itself, but a deflection crystal because Doug also states that the NX-01's impulse system uses warp plasma for power. Therefore, the crystal setup might convert warp plasma for impulse use similar to what the refit's deflection crystal was said to do. I asked Doug, so let's see what he thinks.
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