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Re: Smallville#8-21 "Injustice" -Discuss/Grade <Spoilers>

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I love how all the people who have been telling Clark to "stand up" are looking more and more like selfish and unrealistic idiots as the season progresses. (Oliver and Tess especially look more and more shallow about it.)

Clark has his own timetable and instead of looking like he's reticent (as some have claimed), he looks more and more like he has a long-range plan. And his arguments are finally getting through to his would-be cheerleaders.
And he actually sounded like fucking Superman!
Agreed. In his own nobel and polite way, he's beginning to tell others to stay the hell out of his destiny and moral code.

And in a recent episode did he actually say he had to get back to the farm to feed Shelby? I notice we haven't seen many chickens or other small livestock at the Kent farm recently. Maybe Shelby's been feeding himself.

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