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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

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A lot of people seem to be defending it on the basis that it's impressive-looking and exciting. And for the most part, it is. But so what? What does all that amount to without a good story? It's all visceral thrills, no brain.
I think most of us agree that the backstory and time travel plots were poorly explained and executed. But that really only made up a small part of the overall story.

The MAIN story dealt with Kirk and Spock and their respective journeys, and the meeting of the original Enterprise crew. I thought that was all handled quite well.

The Nero/time travel stuff was just a backdrop to all that (although I agree, I wish it was handled better).
Hmm. I felt the dynamic was just the opposite of this: the main story was "defeat the evil villain," and the character stuff (some of which was actually decent) was strictly secondary. After all, the film didn't spend one second more than necessary moving all the players into their "proper" roles, any and all concerns over plausibility notwithstanding. (Heck, we didn't even get any decent K-S-M triumvirate interaction.)

Realistically, based on the TV show, would you have imagined that this particular command crew (of all different ranks, ages, and backgrounds) were all thrown onto the ship at the same time, in the course of one pivotal adventure that also happened to be the ship's inaugural mission? Of course not. In fact, the show gave us backstory explicitly saying otherwise. And rightly so: that's just not how life works. That kind of thing only happens in Hollywood movies, for the sake of narrative expediency.

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Wow, that was the best Star Wars movie since The Empire Strikes Back.
You get a prize for the single most on-the-nose one-sentence summary of the film in the entire thread!

Could've been a lot worse but I'm far from convinced that anything truly interesting will come out of the franchise ever again. I'm sure Paramount's happy at the moment though.
Yeah, I agree. On both counts.

Just as a side note - Trek's thing is not social commentary. It's exploration of the human condition. This sometimes takes the form of social commentary, but when you look at episodes like The Enemy Within or The Cage, or the really strong movies like The Wrath of Khan - the stories have no social commentary, but are given depth by psychological themes.
Interesting distinction. I'm not sure it's worth arguing over, since in all sincerity it seems like a matter of semantics. To me, "social commentary" and "exploration of the human condition" are two sides of the same coin, and that coin—that casting of new light and critical perspective on aspects of life people otherwise take for granted—is intrinsic to what quality SF does. And "quality SF" is definitely a category that includes the best of Trek.

And excludes this movie, sadly enough.
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